Local Food Culture of Mendocino County

Make your ad dollars count.

Agri-tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in Northern California(1). Visitors and locals alike want to experience the unique beauty and authentic life that Mendocino County has to offer. What better way to reach them than advertising with Word of Mouth? Word of Mouth magazine offers superior value for your advertising dollar. This publication is the hub for local food knowledge and happenings in Mendocino County.

We've now expanded to a run of 5000 copies for every issue, distributed throughout the county and points beyond. No more than 40% of each magazine is composed of advertising to ensure content value to the reader and maximum exposure for your business. The Word of Mouth website and weekly email updates  keep your business present in the minds of customers. Our youthful, of-the-moment aesthetic and personal stories of Mendocino County locals will capture both their interest and their dollars.

An ad with Word of Mouth supports the local food system and your bottom line.

(1) Sonoma State University Study of Mendocino County- Robert Eyler PHD, 2015.


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