Fall 2016 Publisher's Note

Fall 2016 Publisher's Note

This time of year I am reminded of the adage, “the only constant is change.” As the season shifts to

autumn we are surrounded by constant change: wildfires here in Northern California are literally transforming communities and lives; technology has people hunting digital sprites in the street (no Pokemon for me, thanks); and another election cycle will come to a close (thankfully).

I find that as this change is happening, it is important to slow down and appreciate the gifts in life. Take time for gratitude. Go pick blackberries for Sunday breakfast with your family. I promise the quiet moments getting berry juice up to your elbows will not be wasted.

As school begins and summer recedes behind us, my focus shifts to preparation for winter. The challenge is to take the almost overwhelming bounty in the garden and change it into jams, pickles, and holiday gifts. Keeping that in mind, this issue includes some tips for how to fill your pantry (see DIY Olives, p. 29).

If slaving over a hot stove is not your cup of tea, we have also listed some delightful Mendocino County products in our Local Food Gift Guide (p. 20).

Still, if the heat of the weather or kitchen becomes too much, I recommend an escape to the coast. I recently did just that and stumbled upon the historic Nye Ranch (see Homegrown p. 29). This beautiful oceanside farm is over- flowing with vegetables and flowers, all in a setting that—delightfully for inland residents—hovers around a cool 65 degrees. In addition, the newly opened Noyo Headlands Trail allows unprecedented access to the Fort Bragg coast- line, expanding outdoor options for this small community. Café del Mar (see p. 37) is a recent arrival to the coast, replacing a traditional taqueria with healthy, international fare.

As we move into autumn, and the changes it brings, my hope is that you’ll be able to find a moment to pause and say thanks, for whatever changes come your way. I’ll be doing the same.

Holly Madrigal, Publisher