A Day Out in Cloverdale

A Day Out in Cloverdale

Just south of the county line, this quiet town has a lot of charm and really good coffee.

by Torrey Douglass

Ever since moving to Boonville, trips out of the area have usually taken me through the sleepy town of Cloverdale. Originally just a spot to do some banking or fill up on gas, Cloverdale has been diligently expanding and improving its downtown zone for the past several years. The efforts have paid off, with an enviable collection of fun and yummy small businesses livening up the town’s main street, Cloverdale Boulevard, making it an excellent destination if you find yourself with a free afternoon on your hands.

For your first stop, step into the welcoming wood-paneled coffee house, Plank. There’s a wonderful variety of fresh baked items from the Flour Girl, many gluten-free, and refreshing drinks like The Big Red, 16 ounces of hibiscus high iced tea mixed with freshly squeezed lemon and oranges, apple juice, muddled mint and agave. But Plank’s coffee is the real show-stopper. Whether you are getting a cup of plain black brew or a creamy latté, it’s always delicious.

Next door to Plank, and owned by the same wife-husband duo, is the small but mighty modern vintage home furnishings shop, 14 feet. Whether you are looking for a pillow or a sofa to put it on, this narrow (14 feet wide, I assume) shop is brimming with artsy and craftsy goods. Think organic sheets, geometric handmade pottery, and stylish wooden platters among the bounty.

A block away, you can grab a bite of lunch at the organic market, Dahlia & Sage. You can build your picnic from scratch with fresh produce, breads, meats, and cheeses—visit the deli and take advantage of their soups, salads, and other pre-made items for easy grab n’ go yumminess.

Top off your day with a visit to Clover Theater, an independent movie house that likes to mix it up with a variety of mainstream and independent films. Keep an eye on their facebook page for special events, like the Studio Ghibli Fest 2018 or the 20th Anniversary screening of The Big Lebowski.