A Legendary Martini from The Golden Pig

A Legendary Martini from The Golden Pig

Legend says this classic cocktail—an Espresso Martini invented by Dick Bradsell, a famous bartender in London—was brought to the once-named Cottonwood Saloon, now known as The Golden Pig, in Hopland. We mixed it up a bit, using organic Square One Vodka made with Bergamot Oranges, illy Espresso, Orgeat Syrup, and a few dashes of chocolate bitters.

Orange Chocolate Espresso Martini


  • 2oz Square One Orange Vodka

  • 1oz Orgeat Syrup

  • 1 shot illy Espresso

  • 3 dashes chocolate bitters

Prepare the espresso beforehand and let it chill. This will help to minimize the dilution, making your drink colder and even tastier!

When shaking, remember to “wake the drink to life,” not “rock it to bed.” This will improve the frothy foam on top of your final drink.

When straining, make sure to pour the drink briskly and swiftly from your shaker. This will result in a beautiful foam on top of your drink.

The Golden Pig
13380 Highway 101, Hopland | (707) 670-6055 |
Sunday–Thursday 11am–9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am–11pm